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Father Joe D., April 2015
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Box Hire Calculator

To see how much its costs to hire your boxes from ab fab, enter the quantities below. Should you wish to place an order, simply contact us with your specific requirements. Boxes, cartons and other packaging materials can be delivered for a fee* or can be collected from our office during normal business hours. Have a chat to our friendly and knowledgeable team if you need advice.

Hire boxes need to be returned to our office within 30 days for the deposit to be refunded. 

Otherwise, outright purchase of our boxes may be a better option. We can then buy back any boxes returned in a usable condition for a percentage of the purchase price. There is no time constraint on this option, just whenever you are ready. 

Box Type Quantity Item Hire Cost Item Hire Total
Tea Chest $5.00
Book & Wine $4.00


Hire Cost Delivery Fees* Hire Total

 * $40 delivery fee within 50km of our Kunda Park office. Personal collection is free.

Sale Items

The following items can be purchased either at our office situated at Kunda Park, Sunshine Coast or can be added to the delivery consignment of hired boxes at no extra charge. 

Product Quantity Cost Item Total
Packing tape
Butchers paper 2.5kg
Butchers paper 5kg
Picture boxes $6.50
Mattress protectors K
Mattress protectors Q $10.00
Mattress protectors S $6.00
3 Seater lounge covers $10.00
Arm chair covers $6.00
Dining chair covers $2.00
Bubble wrap 1.5M x 1M $3.00
  Sale Total


Further details can be found in the Packing Materials section.


Refundable Deposit

This calculates the deposit you are required to pay for hiring of boxes.

Product Quantity Item Refund Deposit Total
Tea Chest $1.00
Book & Wine $1.00
  Total Refund

* Refund payable if boxes are returned within 30 days and are reusable.


Total Cost if YOU COLLECT Total Cost if WE DELIVER
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