Get rid of clutter in a flash and get back in your partner's good-books!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

secure storage solutions This post is aimed at all those husbands or partners out there who are being pestered by their wives or partners to tidy up the house (or yard, or garage, or loft space, etc. etc.).  Have you been banished to the dog-house because you haven't managed to come up with a solution to the problem?  Or do you just find that you would love to sort it out, but have no spare time to organise something?  Read More

How to make unpacking after a removal an easier and less stressful process

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Some people spend little or no time on considering how to deal with the unpacking and sorting out at the delivery address.  Understandably, every effort goes into preparing for the house move uplift (de-cluttering, selling unwanted furniture, culling files and paperwork, etc.) as this effort will pay off in that it will result in a smooth and potentially cheaper move.  However, don't forget that careful forward planning of the delivery process will save time and effort and a lot of stress.  Here are some simple tips to think about.  Read More

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