"We were really impressed with the service, the men were professional, friendly, polite, funny and really quick. You all worked really hard to make this a stress free move and after everything we went through this move was definately stress free.

Thank you so much for the additional truck, surprisingly we needed it which means we seriously need to down size. If you hadnt provided the second truck we would have been in a bad situation and breached our contract and settlement and it wouldnt have been stress free.

I will recommend Ab Fab whenever I can.
Linda Winn, April 2018
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Moving House Checklists

Removals checklists to help out.

Download a printable version of our checklist:

Moving House Checklists Moving House Checklists (23 KB)

4 weeks to moving day:

  • Book and confirm your move with ab fab The Stress Free Movers.
  • Arrange collection of your boxes with ab fab.
  • Removal Agreement - check all details on the Removal & Storage Agreement are correct; sign and return the document to ab fab (ensuring that you have paid your deposit to secure the booking)
  • Packing – have you considered having ab fab pack for you? We have a professional pre-pack and un-pack service where we offer a ‘no damage guarantee' for anything that we pack
  • If you are doing your own packing remember the golden rule, start early. It's often a bigger job than you think. Try not to overload boxes, call us if you need more.
  • We offer short or long term storage.
  • Arrange insurance for the move.
  • Sort through any rarely used items to sell, donate or give away. 
  • Keep valuables separate and secure using a see through plastic box will help differentiate from all the others. 
  • Telephone – call your phone supplier and organise a final account and arrange for reconnection at your new address.
  • Electricity; Gas & Water – call your suppliers to book a final reading.
  • Change of Address – we suggest you notify and complete a Change of Address Application for the following …
    • Australia Post.
    • Electoral Commission.
    • Your bank.
    • Your medical practitioners including dentist; doctor, pharmacy.
    • Companies who provide delivery services to you (eg.newspapers / magazines / subscriptions.)
    • Companies who issue you with six-month or annual accounts (eg. insurance/ car registration).
    • Childcare centres and/or schools.
    • Workplace/ Government agencies.
    • Insurance – update details for your new property.
    • Pay TV/Interent – arrange for connection at your new home.
  • Holding a garage sale is a good way to have a good clear out of large items of furniture.  

14 days to moving day:

  • Arrange someone to look after your children and pets on the big day.
  • Start packing non essentials, spare rooms are a good place to start.
  • Think about where your furniture will go at your new house. Draw a chart to help with distribution at the other end on moving day.  

7 days to moving day:

  • Reconfirm settlement time with solicitor and advise ab fab.
  • Suspend supermarket shopping as a way to reduce the food items in your pantry and freezer.
  • Empty gas bottles and dispose of any flammable liquids from lawn mowers. This is a requirement in order for them to be transported on our trucks.
  • Borrow a cool box for moving perishable items. Your fridge is loaded last and unloaded first to limit the time out of service.  

Moving day:

  • Make sure your mobile is fully charged for the big day.
  • Have some basic tools and cleaning products to hand.
  • Port-a-robes…the Ab Fab team can supply these for your hanging garments
  • Go through any checklists with your ab fab team and relax!  
Enquire Now If you are moving house or office, or even just need a hand packing - why stress? Contact ab fab to help with all your relocating needs. Enquire online or contact us today 07 5445 8797.


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